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Terms & Conditions


The following set of terms and conditions govern the accessibility of the website (URL, availability of offered services and usage of the products that we offer. The site (URL) is owned and maintained by Next HDD. Accessing and using this website bounds you to agree to this declaration of terms and conditions of use. However, this declaration doesn’t bound you to agree to the privacy policy and other similar usage rules and guidelines that are posted and updated from time to time. The declarations and policies are posted for reference and as guidelines to understand the laws and rules regulating this website. If you don’t agree to these terms and conditions of use, you are requested not to access the website (URL).

Since the company updates this declaration from time to time, you are requested to read and review this document before using the website. These terms of use ascertain the conditions upon which we make our services and products available to you. Underage individuals are specifically prohibited from the usage of this website. This site is not intended for people who are under the age of 18.


Access licenses and rights: 

If you agree to this declaration, all commercial and non-commercial access rights and licenses are hereby granted. However, these licenses and access rights exclude resale of the item through the site, duplication of the site’s products, materials and content, and usage of data mining and other similar tools and robots.

The site (URL), existing content and material, current features and operation are covered and protected by the international Intellectual property and copyright law. The site and its content cannot be reproduced, duplicated or otherwise misused for any malicious purpose without any assent or prior approval of the company.

The site prohibits the use of trademark, logo, graphic that may be registered as the intellectual property of our affiliations, partners, subsidiaries and co-brand associates, without acquiring the written and proven approval of that company, licensor or partner. Unauthorized use of the site and its content can result in termination of all the granted access rights and licenses with legal persecution to follow.


Content and product cataloging: 

Next HDD ensures that all the content posted and available on the website, including the product descriptions, item details, references, product titles, pricing, product image and other product-related information is relevant and accurate. However, we cannot guarantee the reliability, applicability, and non-erroneousness of this content. This content is available only for information purposes and is not endorsed by the manufacturer, supplier, seller, company or any other related entity.

The company is not responsible for any errors and inaccuracy of the pricing, description, titles and comments of these products. In case the listed product has incomplete or incorrect information and details, the company reserves the rights to cancel the order of any such product and amend/correct/ remove the incorrect product details.



The Next HDD trademarks, logo, graphics, service marks and other such content that is posted on the site is registered under the trademark of Next HDD. Use of this content and graphics requires complete compliance with the terms and conditions, as stated in this declaration. The keywords, language syntax, name and trademarks cannot be acquired or sold.


Third-party links: 

The links to afflicters, blog sites, product manufacturers, review sites and reference sources are provided only for informational purposes. The company or any other third-party do not endorse these links and references. The company is not responsible for evaluating the authority of the link nor is the company liable for the content, product offerings and services available on the third-party link. The user is responsible for evaluating and reviewing the privacy and terms of use policies of any such link. The company has no control over the functioning, offerings, security, legal terms and operation of these third-party websites and links.


Delivery concerns: 

In case of damage to product and order misplacement and delays, the customers are required to deal

directly with the freight services and carrier. We let the customers give specific shipping instructions while placing their order. If no special instructions are provided, the order will be shipped through the most suitable shipping methods to ensure timely delivery. The company is not, in any case, responsible for cargo-related issues and problems. In case the customer delays an order, the company will store that order at the risk and cost of the customer. In case of any risk of product damage and order loss, the customers, the customer’s agent, the freight carrier will be informed of any such possibility.


Order cancellation: 

The accepted orders can only be changed, delayed or canceled only if the company or its authorized personnel grants a written approval of order annulment. A minimum of handling fee will be charged, and a certain percentage of merchandize value will be deducted from the canceled and altered orders. In case of unavailability of any product, the company, at its own discretion, will cancel all such orders. Before placing an order, it is important to know that not every product or item will be in stock. The company will cancel or delay the orders of out-of-stock and unavailable items and products. This might cause some inconvenience to the customers.

If the item or product cannot be made available within time, the customer will be directed to our support department and will be asked to either place an order for a potential alternative product or to apply for a refund.

Note that the refund will at the current market value of the product and the current market value refund is not more than the actual invoice cost.



In case of shipping the order to a third party, the customer and the third party recipient will be bounded by this declaration.