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73P8807 | IBM 2.80GHz 400MHz FSB 2MB Cache Intel Xeon MP Processor

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Intel Xeon Processors
The Intel Xeon Processor MP is exclusively designed for 4-way and greater servers and provides significant productivity gains over previous IA-32 server platforms. The compatability of Intel NetBurst microarchitecture, Hyper-Threading Technology and Integrated Three Level Cache Subsystems provide the performance and scalability required for demanding enterprise applications and strategic consolidation projects. The scalability of Intel Xeon Processor MP-based servers allows businesses to derive optimal business value by investing in fully populated servers. By taking advantage of the performance, flexibility and compatibility of Intel Xeon Processors MP, businesses can closely match each server solution to specific application and business requirements. The result is a more cost-effective infrastructure and a standards-based computing environment that can adapt quickly to changing needs. In addition to the performance headroom and scalability features of the MP-based servers, and in addition to multiple-processor support, large cache and large memory support (up to 64GB support), MP-based servers offer further advantages over dual processor (DP) or clusters of DP-based servers.
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73P8807 | IBM 2.80GHz 400MHz FSB 2MB Cache Intel Xeon MP Processor
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